When it comes to item spotting on TV and film, Wymsee’s got it covered. We have a staff that dedicates their days to scouring the internet for the must-have items from today’s hottest shows – and we don’t stop there. Our specialty is to find what your favorite characters are wearing, and that is only the half of it. We also have a knack for trend-spotting across the entire world of TV. 

Last week, we highlighted a recurring fashion trend as seen on current tv shows – moto-jackets. While leather biker jackets have been a closet staple in the fashion scene for quite some time, we thought it was particularly interesting to see them worn by some of the edgiest characters on TV.

Costume designers use their go-to brands when choosing the perfect leather jacket for a character’s look. There is, however, one brand that not only leads the pack, but also leaves all other brands lying in a trail of dust behind it. That alpha brand we’re talking about? All Saints.

All Saints is known for its high-quality, fashionable, and most importantly, fine leather goods. Typically, the brand’s jackets are worn by characters who embody the picturesque badass; someone who walks the line of not giving a damn about fashion, but who has an effortlessly cool and highly covetable sense of style.

Over the past couple of years, there has been one All Saints leather jacket that has outperformed the rest. Believe us when we say, this jacket is the jacket. Don’t believe us? Below, you can check out the whopping twelve shows across seven different networks featuring the All Saints Cargo Biker Jacket.

1) Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Season 3
Seen on: Skye/Daisy JohnsonSkye/Daisy Johnson - Agents of Shield via Agents Official Insstagram

 2) The Mindy Project – “The Bitch is Back” – S4E4
Seen on: Tamra The Mindy Project Moto Jacket via Hulu

 3) Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce – “Rule No. 605: You Can Go Home Again” – S2E4
Seen on: Phoebe Wells Girlfriends Guide to Divorce

4) Scandal – “First Lady Sings the Blues” – S4E20
Seen on: Quinn Perkins scandal s4e20

5) Gotham – Multiple Episodes – Season 1
Seen on: Selina KyleSelina Kyle - via Gotham Wiki

 6) The Originals – “City Beneath The Sea” – S2E20
Seen on: Hayley The Originals 2x20

7) Elementary – “End of Watch” – S3E8
Seen on: Kitty WinterElementary 3x08

8) Brooklyn Nine Nine – “Jake and Sophia” – S2E6
Seen on: Rosa DiazBrooklyn 9-9 2X08

9) How to Get Away with Murder – “He Deserved to Die” – S1E7
Seen on: Rebecca SutterHow to Get Away with Murder

10) Bad Judge – Multiple Episodes – Season 1
Seen on: Rebecca WrightPictured: Kate Walsh as Rebecca Wright -- Photo by: (Vivian Zink/NBC)

11) Scorpion – “Pilot” – S1E1
Seen on: Happy QuinnScorpion - CBS - Pilot

12) Trophy Wife – “There’s No Guy in Team” – S1E20
Seen on: Kate Harrison

Trophy Wife 1x20

Crazy, right?! 

If you were ever on the fence about investing in a leather moto jacket, let All Saints be your guide. The Cargo Biker Jacket is a best-seller, and for good reason. It has proven itself to be a closet staple, both in real life and on television. Plus, we know how awesome it is to own an item that millions of people have seen on screen.

Who do you think rocked the All Saints Cargo Biker Jacket best? Let us know on Twitter!

images via ABC, Hulu, Bravo, Fox, The CW, CBS and NBC