Okay, we haven’t seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice yet, so this is all speculation from the trailers, but we also can’t guarantee this is gonna be spoiler free. So if you prefer to know nothing about the newest film, move along. Otherwise, check out some costume-related easter eggs we’ve gathered for up for you to devour. Hey, this is healthier than hollow chocolate bunnies, right?

1. Is that Aquaman we see?

Batman v. Superman Costume Designer Michael Wilkinson just happens to be the same man behind the upcoming Justice League film. Could this be our first glimpse?

2. Robin’s costume makes an appearance in monument form.

Love always, The Joker???

3. Does Superman need a Super Army?

A strategically placed S on the sleeve of this soldier has us thinking yes.

4. Vests are totally happening.

As Kyle Buchanan originally pointed out, Michael Wilkinson has a thing for vests. Michael tells Tech Insider this is unintentional in the film, but it’s obvious from his wymsee.com profile that he loves them (he’s rocking one is his headshot!).

5. There’s a secret message in Superman’s suit.

Michael explains, “Zack wanted to include a Joseph Campbell quote in the suit, so there’s a quote from Joseph Campbell. ‘Where we thought to stand alone, we will be with all the world’ and we decided to translate that into Kryptonian. We put it through the ‘S’ on his chest, through his cuffs, his belt, and through his bicep – just to give a little extra something for the fan with very sharp vision to appreciate.”

6. Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luther is basically Mark Zuckerberg 2.0.

Michael has said his inspiration for Lex Luther was young, rich silicon valley geniuses, so we love that Jessie Eisenberg is basically playing an extreme version of his Social Network character.

7. Wonder Woman is a Greek Goddess

Zack Snyder, Frank Miller, and Michael Wilkinson. What do they all have in common? 300. Wonder Woman’s toned down warrior color scheme is reminiscent of the graphic novel written by Miller, directed by Snyder, and costumed by, you guessed it, Wilkinson.

Have you seen Batman v Superman yet? Notice any eggs we missed? Let us know on Twitter!

images via Warner Bros.