Many people remember HBO’s Big Love for the controversial look into polygamy. We, on the other hand, look back fondly on the costume work on Chloe Sevigny’s character, Nicki. She was a practicing fundamentalist Mormon living in the modern world with a shopping addiction. Costume Designer Chrisi Karvonides-Dushenko perfectly represented the character’s duality with long denim skirts, long sleeve oxfords, and big buckled belts; trendy but covered up.

Maybe it’s the fact the Chloe Sevigny is a fashion icon or maybe it’s the seventies coming back, but we can’t help but think that if these outfits were taken out of their polygamous Utah background, every girl in LA would be clamoring to recreate the look, scouring Coachella Valley vintage shops.

In the spirit of reflection, here is a breakdown of (what we’ve deemed) Nicolette Grant’s top three style quirks:


  1. Long Denim Skirts- Nicki was sporting the maxi trend since childhood with denim skirts that either went to the ankle or midis with boots to cover up.

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2. Wide Belts: Nicki’s looks showed off her flare for adornment with wide braided belts and big buckles.

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3. Peter Pan Collars: A collared shirt was a staple in almost every outfit, but the peter pan collar was an ode to her compound roots.

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Photos via HBO