We’re all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that’s all.

Let’s get real, The Breakfast Club is one of the greatest films ever made. You can’t dare to disagree, assuming you’ve seen the movie. If you haven’t seen it, you need to stop reading this immediately, re-think your life decisions (too harsh? not really), and watch the magic that John Hughes brought into our lives.

We’ve taken the five iconic looks of this motley crew and reimagined what each – a brain, an athlete, a basketcase, a princess, and a criminal – would wear in 2016. Take a look at their modern getups below, which, of course, are fully shoppable !

Brian Johnson

“…I’m in the math club, uh, the Latin, and the physics club…”

a brain

Andrew Clark

“If I lose my temper you’re totaled, man.”

giphy (28)

Allison Reynolds

“I’m not a nymphomaniac. I’m a compulsive liar.”

giphy (30)

Claire Standish 

“Do you know how popular I am? I am so popular.”

giphy (27)

John Bender

“Screws fall out all the time, the world is an imperfect place.”

giphy (29)

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